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How to use the Wurlitzer MP3 Jukebox Player?

If you start the jukebox and a window with the jukebox is opened, the player is shown and also a menu is shown. The shown parts of this window can be dragged and dropped or be shown or hidden by using the buttons in the menu. The menu contains the next buttons:
  • Help: goes to this helpwindow
  • Wurlitzer: visit the official Wurlitzer site
  • Credits: shows/hide the wallet to update your credits
  • Connect: shows/hide the window to make a connection to a server
  • Player: shows/hide the window to select albums and tracks
  • Columns: shows/hide the columns with bubbles
  • Coins-op: shows/hide the front of the jukebox with coins-operator
  • Control: shows/hide the remote control

How can I navigate through the albums and tracks?

In the jukebox you can navigate in several ways through the albums and tracks:
  • By using the buttons on the number panel
  • For an Album/track choose 4 digits for example 0403 means album 4 and track 3.

    To listen to a complete Album choose 2 digits for the album and 00 for the tracks, for example 0400 means play the complete album 4.

  • By using the back and forward button
  • If the play method is sequential (S), you can navigate through the Album and Track list with the Back (<) and Forward (>) button or with the left and right key.
    If the play method is random (R), a random album and track is choosen automatically.

  • By selecting an album and track in the Album and Track list
  • If an album is choosen in the list, the list with tracks is shown. If a track is choosen in the list, the track is played when there are enough credits.

  • By using the Controls
  • Above navigation you can also use in the Remote Controls of the jukebox


Before you can play an album/track, you need to have enough credits to use the jukebox. It is easy to collect coins for the jukebox, just use the wallet (press on the bottom left). There is also a way to get free credits. Find out yourself where and how you can get them! Your credits are only subtracted when the track is finished playing. So it is possible to listen to each track without paying a coin for it.

Get a playlist from the internet

ATTENTION!!! This only works if a playlist is made with the program Playlist Generator and the server has the right configuration for the jukebox.

I don't see albums/tracks in the list

If a playlist isn't loaded correctly, the cause of the problem can be special characters in the playlist. If the names of albums or MP3 files contain special characters it's better to replace them by standard characters. The program Playlist Generator creates a playlist in Unicode, so the player shouldn't have problems with the created playlist.

Links to sites about Wurlitzer and other jukeboxes

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Jukebox Music

Interesting Links